Two different books about the PT-157

"FIRST-UP: Chronicles of the PT-157"

'First-Up' shows us how rescuing Lt. J. F. Kennedy and his 109 crew was only one night among many for the PT-157 in the summer of 1943. In July 1943 the PT boats of RON-9 were the first PTs, that is ‘First-Up’, to advance to Rendova Harbor. From here they established a base from which to attack Japanese destroyers. Following Rendova, the PT-157 moved next to Lever Harbor to begin the even more difficult task of attacking the well protected Japanese barges. See the challenges when the 'push' of the Japanese meets the 'shove' of the U.S. PT fleet. Stand of the 157's deck and ride with Captain William 'Bud' Liebenow , Torpedoman Welford West and the crew during the push-and-shove patrols and missions of this critical period. Included in this chronology are are the eyewitness recounting of key actions from these last of the PT-157's crewman, pages from the boat's log book, historical photos, MTB Commander’s Daily Action Reports and location maps of the patrols and missions of the PT-157.

"The PT-157: A Scale Model Builder's Notebook"

"The PT-157: A Scale Model Builder's Notebook" chronicles a 6-year project to produce extremely accurate, scratch-built PT model boat details. The ELCO PT Boats were among the more famous class of attack boats of World War II. With over 350+ photos plus diagrams to highlight key steps in the fabrication and assembly, you can enjoy this effort in this 200-page photo journey. It also provides guidance to model builders who can use this as a basis for their own PT boat model. Explore this website for more details!